Hey, I’m Madison!

Want to land (and nail) your first job as a superyacht stew?

Good, ’cause thats kinda my thing.

“I have interviewed, employed and trained interior crew for years on private, charter, rotation, sailing and motor yacht boats, from 40-85m metre, single season, dual season and world travelling. I was also a yachtie myself for six and a half years, working my way up to Chief Stew after just three years.”

There has never been a better time to leave your 9-5 and start a new adventure.

That is why I’m so passionate about helping aspiring stews get their first jobs on board superyachts, using their unique personality, skillset and goals in mind.

But I certainly didn’t start here, this is my story before yachting…

I had been hustling travel into my life ever since I could earn my own money (hello McDonalds job at 14 years and 9 months).

2008: I graduated high school and worked three jobs so that I could spend 3 months travelling Europe.
2009: I was offered a job in advertising and took it as a sign to ‘settle down’, taking shorter trips to Indonesia and Thailand to appease the oh so persistent travel bug.
2013: Four years later, full time job ‘ticked’, I took off on a 6 month backpacking trip through the USA, Central America, the UK and Europe.
2014: I returned home to my stable job, but grew itchy again so they offered a relocation to a different state.
2015: Nine months later I put in a request for a trip I wanted to take to Coachella. It was denied. They’d just held my jobs for six months. But, travel was in my veins and I handed in my notice and upgraded my Coachella tickets to VIP.

Living that VIP Coachella life

How did I end up working on super yachts?

With no desire to return to Australia, I flew to Palma Majorca, Spain to get a job in the super yacht industry which I was told combined my two passions – travel and hard work.

Five days later – I landed a job on a professional, busy, and reputable boat that set me up for a great career.

I spent six and a half years working on luxury super yachts, travelling the world, hosting the rich and famous, serving to seven-star standards, managing epic teams of girls, creating itineraries and recommending the best restaurants, bars and activities in places most only dream of visiting.

This lifestyle aided my taste for the best things in life; trading hostels for boutique hotels and Primark for Saint Laurent. It also meant I was able to travel on my weekends, afternoons or on leave.

Glamping in the Desert, Morocco

A few of my favourite adventures during this time were…

⚡ A solo trip to Munich for Oktoberfest
⚡ Facing my fears paragliding in Turkey
⚡ Attending a meditation retreat in Greece
⚡ Spending a week in New York City
⚡ Facing my fears paragliding in Turkey
⚡ Seeing the street art in Wynwood, Miami
⚡ Closing parties in Ibiza
⚡ Surf and Yoga camps in Morocco
⚡ Boutique hotel + beach club hopping in Bali
⚡ Long weekends in Paris
⚡ Watching the sunset in a pink convertible in Cuba
⚡ Getting rooftop tickets to the Monaco Grand Prix

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