The best boutique hotels in Ibiza for all occasions

Most people only know Ibiza for its party until the sun rises ethos, completely missing the magical energy, and relaxed culture of its locals outside of this. The island of Ibiza has so much to offer – and although the sweaty dance floor of DC10 is my favourite place to locale on a Monday evening post Zoo Project Sundays, I dare you to explore all corners of this sensual multi faceted island.

Similar to there being an experience for everyone on the island, there is a hotel for every holiday type on the island – whether that is a wild girls trip, romantic holiday with your partner, or a soul soothing getaway; I have the place for you.


Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel – The Pink Palace

No doubt the pink palace that is Paradiso has appeared on your ‘gram feed via many influencers living their best European Summer lives in recent years. I am here to affirm that it is all your pink tonal dreams and MORE.

Nestled in people watching heaven, San Antonio wouldn’t be described as a classy establishment, but we wouldn’t have it any other way. Paradiso is positioned on a quiet road, and a 10 minute journey from the real party heart of San Antonio. With the island being so spread out – restaurants, bars and beach clubs are almost always going to be a taxi ride away so this is a perfectly good place to be based.

Come to Paradiso if you and your group of bad bitches have come to the island to turn UP. You have purchased every sparkly, sequin covered, tassel adorned clothing item on the market and packed a stock of face glitter large enough that it could last you until 2040. If Paradiso had a motto, I think it would say ‘here for a good time, not a long time’. *Googles if Paradiso has full time living residencies*

Design & Aesthetics
There are some serious Barbie takes Miami vibes at this very affordable boutique hotel. Stepping inside the spacious rooms, it feels like neon art deco has met sexy vegas with its retro kitchen and dim-lit rooms.

Paradiso have a mobile life & wellness team on the island to cater to all your relaxation needs. Book in a massage, facial or private yoga session and indulge away.

Wine and Dining
There really is no need to ever leave Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel, and for those who do rise out of bed in time (pre 11am) – I am told the breakfast spread is amazing. Equally, their food and drinks menu make it very easy to lay by that extremely aesthetically pleasing pool all day.

The Sparkle
The things that make Paradiso *sparkle* is its all-in-one nature, and the oh so pretty design which is evident everywhere you look. This boutique hotel has it all and more – tattoo studio, an Ibiza inspired vintage pop-up by the pool, and if you dare the Zero suite – where if you stay, the room is FREE! The perfect Ibiza virgin intro hotel, you won’t regret it.

Oku Ibiza – The uber cool

Oku Ibiza screams sexy holiday romance – the one that you came with, or the one that you might find at the pool (love this for you). A picture perfect hotel like Oku can sometimes have a pretentious feel, Oku is anything but. It’s the sort of hotel where you wouldn’t have to leave, but could also party around the island all night, and use the facilities to detox in during the day.

Just outside of San Antonio, you are within close distance to many favourite Ibizan haunts – and a taxi ride to everything else the island has to offer.

Oku is a magnet for cool, but not too-cool people. Oku proves you can stay in a stylish hotel, and still meet other young, tanned, island loving couples with ease. This is the perfect place to bring your new boyfriend on your first vacay, your girlfriends for recovery after a week at Paradiso (guilty) or your mum on a chilled girls holiday. A monotone design dream, that allows you to dip in and out of island life as you please.

Design & Aesthetics
It’s lush. What you see online is exactly what you get.
Prepare your IG following for a bombard of stories because EVERYTHING is photoshoot ready and deserving of 24 hour documenting. No short cuts have been taken in detail. From the minute you arrive you will know you’ve made the right decision.

Although not tested, I have no doubt the spa and wellness areas are just as relaxing as the remainder of the hotel. With rooftop yoga and pilates classes, plus a fully equipped gym – if you want to keep that holiday shred up, Oku has your back. And your abs.

Wine and Dining
Can I just say that after seven days of partying, being delivered red wine and spaghetti in bed (okay room service…) by a Spanish man may have been the highlight of our trip. The breakfast buffet spread is gourmet, with every seed, nut, and superfood you could ever want, fresh juices and all the usuals, you really want to wake up for the experience. The pool service is impeccable, with gorgeous cocktails available all day and a delicious lunch menu. Basically a private pool club with vibey beats all day where you can drift in and out of the day as you please.

The Sparkle
And if this hotel couldn’t get any better – beautiful design, epic food, authentic service….they turned down our room and presented my pyjamas like this (middle picture below). It’s the continuous little touches that make it a stand out, this is just one example. I will be planning my next holiday to Ibiza around a reason to check into Oku Ibiza very soon.

Finca the Yard – The Eat, Pray, Love BNB

If you’re looking for a country escape where you can swap the sounds of deep house music for birds, Finca the Yard might be your next home. It took me six years of visiting the island to break away from my non-stop party schedule, and slow down to explore other parts of the island. Finca the Yard is the perfect base to stop, breathe fresh air, visit local markets, sit on beaches untouched by trendy beach restaurants and taste produce at farm to table restaurants nearby.

Situated nine minutes north of the centre of the island Santa Gertrudis, you will feel like an Ibiza local zipping around town in your hire car going from the beach, yoga classes, the market and restaurants.

With a maximum capacity of 12 guests, you will feel like you have the place to yourself. It is quiet, relaxing and nourishing for the mind if you sit with its silence.

Design & Aesthetics
The house is rustic and lived in, like visiting a long lost cousin in the countryside, with pieces of furniture and books that tell stories from all around the world. This isn’t a luxurious retreat, and there isn’t a team available to look after you 24/7, but that isn’t Finca the Yards beauty.

The space is very minimalistic, and any pampering will need to be done in Santa Gertrudis town a short five minute car journey.

Wine and Dine
Breakfast can be prepared by the host daily in an outdoor dining space, and there is a kitchen inside for guests to use, as well as an honesty system for wine, soda and water. I saw families using the kitchen so they could take advantage of spending their days by the pool, however we chose to explore the many surrounding farms and restaurants for lunch and dinner.

The Sparkle
Did you hear something? Nope.
And that is exactly the point at Finca the Yard, you come here for the quiet.
Be prepared to go slow and enjoy why so many creatives, yogis and spirituals live here on the island year round.

Disclaimer: The images from Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel and Oku Ibiza are not my own, they are property of the hotels. My images were unfortunately erased from the memory card from this part of my trip. I blame vodka.


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